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Emergency Mitigation and Restoration Contractor Bensalem, PA

Suffered Damage To Your Residential or Commercial Property?

MDL Restoration Inc. is a full service emergency mitigation and restoration contractor serving home owners and businesses in Bensalem, PA. MDL Restoration specializes in helping you recover from disasters like fire, flood, mold, wind, and much more. We are emergency property damage restoration experts!

Our restoration experts are here to help you get your home or business back to normal after an incident with water, fire, mold, biohazard and more. We aim to provide top notch restoration services for the Philadelphia and the Tri State area, including Bensalem. Our restoration experts will be on site in 2 hours or less! When dealing with an emergency restoration, quick response is absolutely essential.

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We are committed to be at any location in the Bensalem, PA area in 2 hours or less. Call Us Today: 215-273-3786

Our Bensalem, PA Property Damage Restoration Services Include:

Quality Property Damage Cleanup and Repair Services in Bensalem, PA

Our team of professionals are consistently being educated and updated on the latest equipment, technology, industry standards and best practices. We use state of the art equipment for the best results, fastest turnaround and meet environmental standards efficiently and cost effectively. When it comes to your home or business, you should be sure to choose a quality company to help you after water, fire, mold or biohazard damage.

Hands On Restoration Services

We pride ourselves on our customer care and satisfaction. Every loss, regardless of size or scope is our number one priority and we approach every project with empathy and diligence. We strive for clear communication between all involved parties and follow a strict chain of command ensuring that we deliver the best possible experience during times of catastrophe and loss. MDL Restoration helps residents and businesses recover.

Commitment to Our Clients and the Community We Serve

MDL restoration Inc. is committed to not only our clients but to the communities and municipalities that we serve through altruistic endeavors, industry affiliations and local charity service. We are constantly looking for new ways to give back and our team is encouraged to learn through community involvement as part of our company culture. Our trained and certified processionals are here to help you get back to normal.

When you have a loss, it is one of the most stressful times of your life! This is not the time to find out that your insurance policy doesn’t protect you as you thought it would. Make sure your policy has fire, flood, and mold coverage.

Complete Property Damage Reconstruction

At MDL we not only mitigate and cleanup the damage caused by water, mold, fire or biohazard, we also completely rebuild, repair, and restore your damaged home or business property back to the way it was before the damage occurred.

We have amassed world-class skills on home and business reconstruction services. Our company works exclusively with professional technicians. We are fully committed to offering the best remediation services to victims of fires, floods, molds, and other disasters.

Our mission is to deliver full and satisfactory reconstruction services to our customers. If your home or business premises has defects that need to be corrected, our technicians will provide remediation services to your satisfaction. What’s more, our qualified staff can work on different types of buildings. If you are a resident of Bensalem, PA, you don’t have to worry if a disaster has knocked at your home or business. At our company, we guarantee you quality reconstruction services.

Which Reconstruction Services Do we Offer?

After a disaster has occurred at your home or business premises, it is normal for you to be under a lot of pressure. If you do not know of the services that you should order, here are some of the reconstruction services that our company offers.

  1. Residential and business premises painting.
  2. Roof repairs and replacement
  3. Biohazard cleanup
  4. Organizing electrical and plumbing connections to mitigate the possibility of another catastrophe.
  5. Fire damage restoration
  6. Interior painting
  7. Furnace and duct work cleaning.
  8. Hardwood flooring, vinyl flooring, and carpet replacement.

At MDL Restoration, we offer to restore your home or business location back to its former perfect condition. We have proved effective at responding to remedy damages that may have been caused by fire, hailstorms, ice, snow, floods, roof leaks, the wind, mold, and burst pipes.

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All About Bensalem, PA

In Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Bensalem Township has a long and intriguing history dating back to 1692. The boundaries of Bensalem, PA, have not altered since it was founded that year. It borders Philadelphia’s northeastern edge.

Due to its convenient access to urban and suburban attractions, it appeals to single people and families as a place to reside. As of 2020, Bensalem had a population of around 62,707 people.

Bensalem is known for some of its destinations. A well-known destination in Bensalem for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers is Neshaminy State Park. Neshaminy State Park, which covers 339 acres and is located along the Delaware River, provides various recreational opportunities. Picnics, swimming in the park’s pool, and even boating on the Delaware River are all available to visitors. The park is a well-liked hangout for families and adults seeking to unwind because of its tranquil settings and variety of attractions.

Bensalem has a rich historical heritage with its many historical sites and museums. The Bensalem Township Historical Society was established in 1977 to collect and preserve the community’s history. They have a unique facility to keep old items and documents. Bensalem has other famous attractions and historical sites, such as the Thomas Shinn House, the Andalusia Foundation, and the Covered Bridge Tour. These sites allow visitors to explore the community’s past and cultural significance.

In conclusion, Bensalem, PA, is a thriving and diverse city with a rich history and various services and events. Bensalem has something for everyone, from the scenic Neshaminy State Park to its historical sites and more. The city also offers excellent educational opportunities with its many schools and vibrant community atmosphere. Bensalem has small shops and shopping areas that provide residents with the convenience of necessities. Overall, Bensalem is a great area to visit, live and work.



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