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Mold Remediation Philadelphia, PA

Both clean and contaminated water can create a multitude of problems in a structure. Whether a leaky faucet or hurricane, water can be insidious and result in serious damage if not managed swiftly. We analyze each case base on the type of water, size of loss, moisture levels and potential secondary damage, such as mold. Typically a property can be dried in 3 days.

Address the problem quickly

Depending on the severity of your water damage, you may need to take different action. In most cases, the water damage is caught in the early stages, and only extraction and decontamination are needed. However, in some extreme cases, reconstruction may be needed to fully restore your home or business.

Mold growth

On Occasion if a water issue goes unnoticed or is not resolved quickly mold can become a bigger problem. Mold requires 2 simple elements to grow: moisture and darkness. Standing water, especially in a basement, can create unsavory results. Mold clean-up is another process that should be handled by professionals. Trust MDL to get the job done right….the first time.

Testing and treating mold is a job best left to a professional team. Mold can impact your health. If you believe you may have mold growing in your home after water damage or due to a leak, call our professionals immediately. We will come to your location and determine whether or not the mold will be an issue and suggest the best course of action to remediate it.

Areas We Serve

MDL Restoration provides mold remediation services to the entire Tri-State area, including these locations:

BensalemBristolDoylestown, LanghorneLevittownMorrisvilleNewtownNew HopeRichboroWashington CrossingYardley

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