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MDL Restoration undertook a substantial restoration project in Beverly, NJ. This case study provides an overview of the challenges and solutions implemented by MDL Restoration for a residential property initially serviced by a competitor.

Initial Situation

The property in Beverly, NJ, experienced significant issues due to a faulty roof installation conducted by another restoration company, ServPro. The poor installation led to a leaking roof water damage necessitating urgent intervention.

MDL Restoration’s Involvement: Mitigation and Restoration

MDL Restoration was called to address the immediate problem and to undertake a comprehensive restoration of the property. The project entailed several critical phases:

1. Emergency Tarping

The team quickly responded to the leaking roof by installing a temporary tarp to prevent further water intrusion.

2. Water Mitigation

Conducting an extensive water mitigation process inside the house to address the damage caused by the leaking roof.

3. Roof Replacement

After mitigating the immediate water damage, MDL Restoration’s team embarked on the task of completely removing the faulty roofing material and installing a new, high-quality roof.

Interior Water Damage Restoration

  • Ceiling Repair: The water-damaged ceiling was meticulously repaired. Notably, the team chose not to reinstall the original popcorn ceiling, opting instead for a modern, flat finish.
  • Carpet Cleaning: The first-floor carpet affected by the water damage was thoroughly cleaned, ensuring the removal of any moisture-related contaminants.

Challenges and Solutions in Managing the Restoration of the Water Damaged Property

The primary challenge was rectifying the substandard work of the previous contractor and managing the subsequent water damage. MDL Restoration’s approach was methodical, focusing first on immediate damage control and then on long-term restoration and improvement. The decision to replace the popcorn ceiling with a flat finish demonstrates the team’s commitment to not just repair but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of the property.

Outcome: Full Restoration of the Water Damaged Home

The project was completed successfully with the property fully restored. The new roof installation provided the homeowner with a durable and reliable solution, while the interior repairs and enhancements significantly improved the overall condition and appearance of the home.


This case study exemplifies MDL Restoration’s expertise in handling complex restoration projects, especially those requiring rectification of previous faulty work. The team’s ability to provide comprehensive solutions, from emergency interventions to detailed interior restorations, reinforces their reputation as a dependable and skilled service provider in the region. The successful completion of this project in Beverly, NJ, stands as a testament to their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.