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Case Study: Emergency Roof Repair and Water Mitigation in Philadelphia, PA

By February 14, 2024February 25th, 2024Case Study, Roof Repair, Water Damage

Project Summary

MDL Restoration, a premier full-service restoration company in the Delaware Valley region, demonstrated exceptional responsiveness and expertise in addressing emergency roof repair and water damage mitigation for a residential property in Philadelphia, PA. This case study outlines the rapid response and effective solutions provided by MDL Restoration following a snowstorm that caused significant damage to a home.

MDL cleaning up and repairing damage caused by snow storm in philadelphiaClient Challenge

The rapid melting of snow from a recent storm exerted undue stress on the property’s rolled roof, resulting in cracks and subsequent water damage to the interior. The homeowner urgently needed professional assistance to prevent further damage and restore the affected areas.

MDL Restoration’s Rapid Response

Understanding the urgency of the situation, MDL Restoration Inc. responded to the emergency call with remarkable speed, arriving at the property in less than two hours. The team’s prompt action was crucial in mitigating the damage and reassuring the homeowner.

Emergency Roof Repairs

Upon arrival, MDL Restoration’s skilled technicians quickly assessed the roof damage. The immediate solution involved:

  • Mucking the Seams: The team addressed the separated seams on the rolled roof by applying muck, a temporary but effective repair to stop further water intrusion.

Professional Mitigation and Restoration

Following the temporary roof repair, MDL Restoration’s professional mitigation team commenced the interior restoration process, which included:

  1. Removal of Damaged Materials: Affected drywall and insulation were carefully removed to prevent the spread of water damage.
  2. Antimicrobial Treatment: To ensure a safe and clean environment, the team treated the affected areas with antimicrobial solutions.
  3. Final Cleaning: A thorough cleaning was conducted to restore the interior to its pre-damage condition.

Client Satisfaction

The homeowner was exceptionally pleased with the professionalism, efficiency, and courtesy exhibited by the MDL Restoration team throughout the process. The swift and effective response not only minimized the potential for further damage but also provided peace of mind during a stressful time.

storm damage restoration in philadelphia, pa

Immediate and Effective Emergency Water Damage Recovery

This case study highlights MDL Restoration’s commitment to providing immediate and effective solutions to emergency situations. The company’s ability to respond rapidly to calls, execute temporary and permanent repairs, and ensure thorough cleanup and restoration demonstrates their expertise and reliability in the field. The successful mitigation and restoration of the property in Philadelphia, PA, reflects MDL Restoration’s dedication to customer satisfaction and their status as a trusted service provider in the Delaware Valley region.