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Project Overview

MDL Restoration successfully completed a challenging restoration project in Philadelphia, PA. This case study discusses the full restoration and reconstruction process for a residential property that suffered damage from a severe storm, affecting both the flat roof and stucco exterior.

Scenario: Residential Roof Storm Damage

The homeowner’s property incurred significant storm damage, with the most severe impacts on the flat roof and the stucco exterior. The damage led to water intrusion, particularly affecting the bedroom area.

Restoration Challenge

The project involved multiple facets of restoration:

  1. Replacing the damaged roof.
  2. Removing and reconstructing the compromised stucco exterior.
  3. Implementing water mitigation strategies to address interior water damage.

MDL Restoration’s Storm Damage Restoration Approach

The team at MDL Restoration approached the project with a comprehensive plan, focusing on both external repairs and internal water mitigation.

1) Roof Replacement:

  • Removing the damaged flat roof.
  • Installing a new roof ensuring durability and weather resistance.

2) Exterior Wall Reconstruction:

  • Complete removal of the damaged stucco.
  • Rebuilding the exterior wall to ensure structural integrity.
  • Installation of new vinyl siding, chosen for its durability and aesthetic appeal.

3) Water Mitigation and Damage Assessment:

  • Performing water mitigation services to dry out the affected bedroom.
  • Reverse engineering the water damage to pinpoint the exact locations of water intrusion.
  • Ensuring thorough drying and remediation to prevent mold and further damage.


The restoration was completed successfully, with both the exterior and interior of the home fully restored. The new roof and vinyl siding not only repaired the storm damage but also enhanced the home’s overall resilience to future weather events. Internally, the bedroom was restored to a dry, safe, and comfortable state.


This case study showcases MDL Restoration’s expertise in handling complex, multi-faceted restoration projects resulting from storm damage. The team’s ability to effectively manage both exterior and interior restoration work demonstrates their comprehensive skill set and commitment to restoring properties to their pre-damage condition. The successful completion of this project in Philadelphia, PA, underscores MDL Restoration’s role as a trusted and efficient service provider in the property restoration industry.