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Client Situation

The homeowner, who was visiting her daughter out of state, returned to find her property extensively damaged due to a water leak. The source of the leak was traced to the icemaker line in her kitchen, which had malfunctioned during her absence. The leak resulted in severe water damage, affecting half of the first floor and most of the basement.

Initial Contract and Discovery

MDL Restoration was initially contracted to replace the rear roof of the property. During this process, the team had to disconnect the main power source to ensure safety. It was during this phase of the project that the water damage was discovered. The team quickly shifted their focus to address this urgent issue.

Water Damage Restoration Approach and Execution

Upon discovering the water damage, MDL Restoration’s team conducted a thorough assessment of the affected areas. The approach included:

1. Water Extraction

Using advanced water extraction equipment to remove standing water from the first floor and basement.

2. Drying and Dehumidification

Implementing industrial-grade dehumidifiers and air movers to thoroughly dry out the affected areas and prevent mold growth.

3. Damage Assessment:

Evaluating structural damage, including flooring, walls, and essential utilities.

4. Restoration Work:

Repairing and restoring the damaged areas, including electrical systems, plumbing, drywall, and flooring.

5. Final Inspection and Cleanup:

Ensuring that the property was restored to its pre-damage condition, with a focus on safety and quality.

Challenges Overcome

The primary challenge was the unexpected nature of the water damage and the need to quickly pivot from the original roofing task. The team’s swift response and effective project management were crucial in preventing further damage and restoring the property efficiently.


The restoration process was completed successfully, with the property returned to its original state, much to the homeowner’s satisfaction. MDL Restoration’s ability to handle unexpected challenges and deliver high-quality work was evident in this project.


This case study exemplifies MDL Restoration’s commitment to providing comprehensive and responsive service. The team’s expertise in handling complex situations and their ability to adapt to unforeseen circumstances ensured the homeowner’s property was restored promptly and professionally. This project stands as a testament to MDL Restoration’s role as a reliable partner in property restoration in the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area.