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Case Study: Deck Restoration and Water Damage Mitigation in Hamilton Township, NJ

By March 25, 2024Case Study, Water Damage

MDL Restoration, a full-service property damage restoration company catering to the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area, executed an extensive deck restoration and water damage mitigation project for a residence in Hamilton Township, NJ. This case illustrates the intricate challenges of correcting previous construction errors and ensuring structural safety and aesthetic appeal in outdoor living spaces.

water damaged deck hamilton township nj

Backyard Deck In Need of Repair Due to Water Damage

Upon moving into their new home, the clients discovered the property’s deck was severely weathered, warped, and unsafe. Seeking a reliable restoration service, they turned to MDL Restoration Inc. for a comprehensive solution. The project unfolded to reveal more complex issues than initially apparent, necessitating a broader scope of work to ensure the deck’s safety and functionality.

MDL Restoration’s Approach

MDL Restoration Inc. approached the project with a multi-faceted strategy to address both the visible damage and underlying issues:

  1. Comprehensive Assessment: A thorough evaluation identified not only surface-level weathering but also significant structural rot resulting from improper initial construction.
  2. Deck Framing Repair: The restoration process began with the repair of the deck’s framing to ensure a solid foundation. This step was crucial for the overall stability and longevity of the deck.
  3. Joist Replacement: The discovery of rot in the joists, improperly placed directly on the ground, necessitated their complete removal. MDL Restoration dug up the rotted materials and replaced them with new, properly installed joists to prevent future decay.
  4. Composite Decking Installation: Opting for durability and low maintenance, MDL Restoration installed new composite deck boards. These materials were selected for their resistance to weathering and rot, offering a long-lasting solution for the clients.
  5. Leveling with the Pool: A significant aspect of the project was ensuring the deck was level with the existing pool. This required precise adjustments and meticulous attention to detail to achieve a seamless and aesthetically pleasing result.

water damaged deck repair in hamilton township nj

Challenges and Solutions For the Extensive Water Damaged Deck

The primary challenge was the extensive hidden damage caused by the original deck’s improper construction. MDL Restoration addressed this by thoroughly inspecting the structure, identifying all issues, and implementing a comprehensive restoration plan. The need to level the deck with the pool added complexity, skillfully managed through expert craftsmanship and planning.


The deck restoration and water damage mitigation project in Hamilton Township, NJ, was completed successfully, transforming a hazardous and unsightly deck into a safe, beautiful, and functional outdoor living space. The clients were exceptionally pleased with the outcome, appreciating MDL Restoration’s dedication to quality, safety, and customer satisfaction.

water damaged deck completely repaired

Call MDL Restoration For All of Your Property Damage and Restoration Needs

This case study highlights MDL Restoration’s expertise in tackling complex restoration projects involving both structural and aesthetic challenges. By addressing the root causes of damage and employing high-quality materials and techniques, MDL Restoration ensures that restored structures are not only safe and functional but also enhance the property’s overall value and appeal. The company’s commitment to excellence and customer care makes it a trusted leader in the restoration industry within the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area.