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Case Study: Kitchen Water Damage Restoration in Philadelphia, PA

By March 11, 2024Case Study, Water Damage

MDL Restoration recently completed a kitchen water damage restoration project in Philadelphia, PA. The project underscored the company’s commitment to providing not just technical expertise but also emotional support and understanding to clients during their most challenging times.

Water Damage From a Pipe Leak in Kitchen


kitchen water damage in philadelphia home


The client faced a distressing situation; her husband became ill, requiring her presence in the hospital. Amidst this stressful period, a water loss incident occurred in their home due to a pipe leak in the kitchen. After an unsatisfactory meeting with another restoration company, the client sought a company she could trust to handle the situation with care and professionalism. This is when she reached out to MDL Restoration.

MDL’s Water Damage Restoration’s Approach

Upon contact, MDL Restoration immediately dispatched a professionally trained technician to assess the damage and provide a clear action plan. Recognizing the client’s stressful circumstances, the technician took extra steps to ensure the client felt at ease:

  1. Clear Communication: The technician explained the mitigation and restoration process in detail, ensuring the client understood each step.
  2. Insurance Liaison: MDL Restoration communicated directly with the insurance company to alleviate the administrative burden on the client.
  3. Comprehensive Restoration: The project involved meticulous removal and replacement of damaged components, including upper and lower cabinets, backsplash, countertops, and hardwood flooring.
  4. Personalized Selection: The client was involved in selecting new flooring, cabinetry, and countertops to ensure the restored kitchen met her satisfaction.
  5. Content Management: The client’s belongings were carefully removed, stored in a climate-controlled unit, and safely returned upon project completion.

repairing water damaged kitchen in philadelphia home

Water Damage Restoration Challenges and Solutions

The primary challenge was managing the restoration efficiently while being mindful of the client’s personal crisis. MDL Restoration approached this by prioritizing clear communication and minimizing stress for the client. By handling insurance communications and offering compassionate service, MDL Restoration ensured the client could focus on her husband’s health without worrying about the restoration process.

Kitchen Fully Restored After Water Damage Mitigation

The kitchen was fully restored to the client’s satisfaction, with all aspects of the work completed to high standards. The new kitchen not only matched but exceeded the client’s expectations, providing a sense of normalcy and comfort during a tumultuous time. The client was particularly appreciative of MDL Restoration’s sensitivity and professionalism throughout the process.

philadelphia water damaged kitchen fully restored

Call MDL Restoration Today!

This case study exemplifies MDL Restoration’s dedication to delivering quality restoration services while demonstrating genuine care and understanding for clients’ circumstances. The successful water damage restoration of the kitchen in Philadelphia, PA, reflects the company’s commitment to excellence and its role as a trusted partner in the restoration industry. MDL Restoration continues to set the benchmark for providing empathetic and professional restoration services in the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area.

If you have suffered any type of water damage to your home or business in the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area, you can call on MDL Restoration and rest assured that we will restore your property back to it’s pre-damaged condition while taking care of all the little details so you don’t have to. Call us today for a free quote!